Monday 5-11-20

Published May 12, 2020 by Pastor Vicki in Daily Prayer

A Prayer a Day: Good afternoon, Lord. Here we are going into our ninth week of lockdown in Ohio. Everything that has been going on reminds me of watching the Twilight Zone, on television, when I was a kid.The creator of the show was Rod Serling, a Yellow Springs, Antioch College graduate. He often began his show with a reference to the events of the show happening in a small town in Ohio. For those who are not familiar with the Twilight Zone, it was a science fiction thriller series. Well, Lord, these last two months have seemed like entering the Twilight Zone.Nothing is as it usually is, no shopping, no eating out, hugs, hand shaking, going to church, or visiting family and friends. I don’t want to complain, Lord, since I have been physically well, have a place to live, food to eat, and a job. I am extremely grateful for all my blessings. Still, life seems off kilter. No one really knows how long restrictions may last. We don’t know whether schools will open per normal this Fall, or if the current reopening of businesses will cause drastic increases of infections with Coronavirus. All this being said, although we do not know what the future holds; we know that it is you, Holy God, who holds the future. We have confidence in you regardless of our feelings. Lord, help us navigate these times of uncertainty. Help us demonstrate our faith in you, Heavenly Father, by not being fearful, anxious, or irritable. Lord, help us remember that across time, your disciples have had to consistently adjust to new challenges. Help us, Lord, to use this Twilight Zone time to reach out to people, we would never have been able to reach. Come Holy Spirit and make us calm: amen.