Saturday 6-6-20 prayer

Published June 6, 2020 by Pastor Vicki in Daily Prayer

A Prayer a Day: Compassionate, merciful, and empathetic God, we come asking you to spread your Spirit throughout the world. Your world is in turmoil; people are in the streets protesting across the USA, and the whole world. Protesters are out in the thousands in Berlin, Germany, Great Britain, and most of the European countries. These overseas protests were triggered by the killing of George Floyd, but in every interview the Europeans say their countries are also struggling with police brutality. The videos are graphic, a 75 year old man knocked forcefully to the ground by police, left with blood pouring out of his ears, and a small, young woman thrown through the air striking a cement curb. Facebook is flooded with images of violence by police, and with posts about supporting our police men and women. We do support our police and understand that all police cannot be rightly judged by the worst behavior of some. It is a totally false choice we are being given.The choice is between protesters, of all colors, and the police officers charged with keeping order. God, you give us a different chice.You, Lord, invite us to chose between good and bad, between righteous and unrighteous. With your wisdom, Holy God, we see that sometimes the good and righteous is evident in the actions of the police department, but, sometimes the bad and unrighteous is obvious in the behavior of the police.Likewise, sometimes the protesters’ behavior is good and righteous, and sometimes, it is bad and unrighteous.Lord, I point out the obvious, but obviously, it isn’t obvious: so I will say it clearly; no group of people are any one thing. The protesters are rich and poor, black, white, Asian, and Native American.They are well-educated and illiterate, Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans, anarcists, and white supremists. Lord, you are the creator God, maker of heaven and earth, dispenser of wisdom and discernment, help us to be like you, who sees beyond the externals and labels, and who judges the hearts of us all. Help us, Holy God, to chose good not bad; to chose righteousness not unrighteousness. Help us to be open to all people, giving each person an equal opportunity to reveal their heart through their actions. Come Holy Spirit and give us a discerning spirit: amen.