Sunday Mother’s Day prayer

Published May 10, 2020 by Pastor Vicki in Daily Prayer

A Prayer a Day: Good morning,Lord. Because it’s Mother’s Day, it’s natural to think about some of the people, who have mothered me. I think first of my own mother, Hazel. My mom was not a Hallmark card type of mother. Instead, of syrupy sweet, my mom was tough and pragmatic. She was realistic, hard-working, and fatalistic.The most precious and life- shaping gift, she gave me was unconditional love. I always knew she was on my side. I always thought, if I told her I killed someone, she would say, “You must have had good reason.” She was unfailingly non-judgmental. When she heard about someone doing something bad, she would say, “Well, that’s sure bad, but most folks are doing the best they can, with what they’ve got.” When she had done the best she could with anything, from making a biscuit to a guilt, she would say, “Well, it’s as is.” That meant, do your best and then move on, don’t spend your life whining about your inadequacies. When I think if her life, and its many challenges, I remind myself her blood is flowing in my veins, and I need to grow up, stand up, and move forward. Good mothers are the salt of the earth; they love, share, sacrifice, encourage, inspire, and finally, give their children, space to be who you, God, want them to be. Everyone did not have a mother like mine. A mother like mine would not work for everyone, but she was a good fit for me. I miss her and I thank you, God, for her life and the time I had with her. Lord, on this Mother’s Day bless all those women struggling with infertility: comfort them and encourage them. For all those wonderful aunts, teachers, neighbors, and special friends, who have mothered so many, so well, Lord, we give you thanks. Holy God, today help us remember, you call each of us, regardless of our age or gender, to help and love like a good mother. Come Holy Spirit and make us nurturing :amen.