Sunday prayer

Published May 17, 2020 by Pastor Vicki in Daily Prayer

A Prayer a Day: Good morning, Lord. I’ve been wondering how we can be welcoming and encouraging, when our smiles are masked. I saw a woman on Facebook, who had made a mask for herself, with a plastic see through part over her mouth.She must be sharing my thoughts.
Smiling at a stranger tells them, you see them and are feeling positive about them. For many years, I have thought just smiling at anyone, as an acknowledgment of our mutual humanity, is important ministry. It just really occurred to me this morning, Lord, your smile ministry is crippled by Covid-19. How can we indicate to strangers and friends alike, that we see them and are friends not foes? Lord, maybe we can still smile and say, “I’m smiling; hello.” I tried it, smiling under my mask and looking in a mirror. Even though I can’t see my mouth smiling, my eyes crinkle, and change expression. The words, “I’m smiling; hello,” would certainly communicate the most important part, which is acknowledging the existence of the other person.This morning on Facebook a deaf woman shared how much more difficult it is to function, since the masks covering the mouth rules out lip reading. She expressed how isolated she feels. Holy God, please comfort those, who are suffering with feeling of hopelessness and isolation. Help all those who are restricted in nursing homes; going into the third month with no visitors, and some cases, no eating in the diningroom, or recreational activities. Lord, please send your Holy Spirit to help and comfort all, who are struggling and feeling disconnected from life. Holy God, help us make a plan for how we will reach out with your love to those, who are alone and discouraged. Lord, maybe we could call one person today and listen to their thoughts and feelings. Maybe we could call two people tomorrow. And maybe we could add a person to call each day, until we get to next Sunday. If 100 of us did that, the end of the second week our second week total calls would be 4900 encouragment contacts. At this rate, we would make 19,600 calls in one mouth. Lord, this could be a pretty awesome ministry, without any financial cost, or even leaving the house. As I think about who to call, we don’t have to limit the calls to individuals who live alone. I’m sure about everybody would enjoy getting a call from a friend or neighbor, just saying,”Hi, I was thinking about you: how are you doing?” An additional plus,, all those people feeling isolated can also be fully involved in this new ministry. Heavenly Father, help us be comforters and encouragers, sharing your work of grace. Come Holy Spirit and make us more encouraging: amen.