Thursday 5-7-20 prayer

Published May 7, 2020 by Pastor Vicki in Daily Prayer

A Prayer a Day: Good morning, Lord. It’s a pretty day, blue sky, crisp March weather. Crisp March weather is not exactly, what we want for the end of the first week of May. But, it isn’t snowing, although, the weather reports say it may snow tomorrow. There is every sign of Spring, at least five of our small birdhouses have evidence of bird families coming and going. The crabapple tree next door is in full bloom, all the underbrush in the woods is thick and green, so you can’t see inside at all. This describing of my surroundings is an exercise in being present to myself and my environment. Why am I doing this? Frequently, we are present in body, but absent in spirit and mind. What I mean is, sometimes, we are so busy worrying about yesterday, that we miss today. Sometimes, we are so busy worrying about tomorrow, that we miss today.Lord, we remember when Moses asked you, what he should tell your people, held in Egypt, your name was you said, “Tell them, I am who I am.” You, Lord, called yourself, “I am,” first in Exodus and last in Revelations, and 300 times all together in the Bible. You, Lord, are the God of all time, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and for ever more. Although, you are the God of all time, we can only meet you in the now, in the present, when we are engaged in our present reality. So, Lord, please help us stay in the present, since that is the only place we can meet you.We want to be with you, so we can speak with you, be guided by you, and learn from you.Help us,Lord, to abide with you today and each day. Come Holy Spirit and make us fully aware and present to you and to each other:amen.