Tuesday 5-12-20 prayer

Published May 12, 2020 by Pastor Vicki in Daily Prayer

A Prayer a Day: Thank you for this day and for every day you give to us. Every new day is an opportunity to draw closer to you, Holy God, and to each other. Lord, you created us to be deeply connected to you, and to the people you give to travel through life with us. We thank you. There are a million details, that must be dealt with during one’s life, but nothing is as important as finding a connection with you, Lord. I will admit my surprise; early in my ministry, while meeting with people from inside the church and from the community, I learned that many people do not have, what I call a God lens. In other words, everybody doesn’t see you, God, in the ordinary events of their lives. I think all of us initially assume, other people see life as we do. It turns out that vast numbers of people, perhaps, even the majority of people, do not see you, God, in their experiences nor do they interpret events as your blessings or your guidance. I had this epiphany, because I noticed, while meeting with people in crisis, that quite a few people looked at me as if I had two heads.At that point I started to try to find ways to help people find or develop their God lens. A God lens allows us to see your presence, guidance, correction, encouragement, and sometimes, intervention in our lives. The really great thing about having a God lens, is that the pleasure of every good thing in life is doubled. A person with a God lens, sees beauty and appreciates it, and then knows the beauty is a gift you, God, mean to enhance the our lives. All of life is greatly enhanced, when we discover that you, God, have given each of us a God lens, and we only need to learn to look through that lens. Heavenly Father, help us see more clearly through our God lens and help us adjust our perspective to include you. Come Holy Spirit and help us see more clearly: amen.